Easy Homemade Valentine


I made these Valentine cards last year to bring into work for our card exchange. This project was sweet, simple, and cute. I selected a photo of my son and uploaded it to snapfish.com. Snapfish was running a promotional heart template that allowed you to add hearts and type to your own photo.  After having fun with this feature, I ordered my prints online and picked them up one hour later at my local Wallgreens. I used the self mounting photo corners to mount the photos to the card stock. Last but not least I drew an arrow, using my white pastel, and a small piece of double stick tape to adhere the heart candy. Voila!  Homemade Valentines with love.

You Will Need:
-Black Craft Paper
-White Chalk Pastel
-Black Self Stick Photo Corners
-Heart Candy Of Your Choice
-Thick 3M Double Stick Tape
– 3X5 Photo

Photo Gift Ideas


Great Holiday Gift Idea

This is a great inexpensive way to get creative while gifting photos.
This calendar (shown above) was made using Snapfish (snapfish.com).
I selected photos of my son for every month of the year for my parents as a christmas gift.
You could do an all pet calendar, or a friend calendar, etc.  The possibilities are endless. This gift is just a fun novelty item that you can customize and make your own.
Always google coupon codes for snappish first.  I always find deals for a percentage off or free shipping!

The Perfect Holiday Wreath

I was looking all over for a large (very large) artificial wreath without breaking the budget on custom ordering an oversized wreath online. This was what I came up with.

Step one:

Purchased a 24 inch artificial wreath at Michaels craft store, along with an additional 9 feet of artificial garland (total cost $18….what a steal)
Step two:
I wired the extra garland to the underside parameter of the existing wreath to really beef it up and give it more definition.
Step three:
Strung a set of large carnival-like clear globe lights to the wreath, using the clips that came on the lights to help fasten to the wreath. (I purchased these lights at Target)
Step four:
To hang this monster, I purchased a multi purpose command hook with a weight tolerance of 7.5 lbs. This hook must be mounted 24 hours in advance so it can set before hanging any items on it.
Step five:
TADAHHH!!! A Perfectly Plump Wreath! What a great focal point to my living room wall. When the holidays are over I can simply take down the command strip and I won’t be left with a big whole in the wall.