Create A Perfect Art Station Right In Your Own Living Room


I have a small older home, so space is very limited. I love using kraft paper, and painter’s tape to create an art station for coloring time with my son.  Simply cover kitchen table or coffee table with kraft paper,  secure edges of the paper to the table using painter’s tape. This creates a great creative space for little ones to practice using their artistic juices.


*glass surfaces not recommended

Easy Homemade Valentine


I made these Valentine cards last year to bring into work for our card exchange. This project was sweet, simple, and cute. I selected a photo of my son and uploaded it to Snapfish was running a promotional heart template that allowed you to add hearts and type to your own photo.  After having fun with this feature, I ordered my prints online and picked them up one hour later at my local Wallgreens. I used the self mounting photo corners to mount the photos to the card stock. Last but not least I drew an arrow, using my white pastel, and a small piece of double stick tape to adhere the heart candy. Voila!  Homemade Valentines with love.

You Will Need:
-Black Craft Paper
-White Chalk Pastel
-Black Self Stick Photo Corners
-Heart Candy Of Your Choice
-Thick 3M Double Stick Tape
– 3X5 Photo


favorite-products-20121- JOSIE MARAN ARGAN OIL
I LOVE all of the Josie Maran products. This mother and entrepreneur has a great outlook on motherhood, and finding that happy work/life balance.

My scalp has never felt better. There are so many kinds of shampoos on the market, but here is one that you can purchase at most drugstores and food markets.

This product has worked wonders during the teething process for my little one.

4- iPAD
The iPad is a great product for moms on the go. I found that I love my desktop computer for all of my design work, but for quick internet access and convenience hands down this takes the cake, hands down.

I would be lost without these. They are oh so practical, comfortable, durable, and hip. What did I ever do in bad weather before these???? For cold days try the Hunter boot liners for extra coziness.

This site has provided me with some great clothing deals for my son. Zulily offers great designer products for a fraction of the cost.

Best Baby/Child Carrier
Ergobaby follows a personal mission to keep children close and comforted, and parents strong and able.

I have three pairs of these yoga pants form Target. I am still not back to my pre baby weight, and these pants have been my favorite and most comfortable artical of clothing.

Vitamin D was recommended to me by my midwife, and has played such a crucial role in my personal,  as well as my family’s health regimen. I have been taking vitamin D since the birth of my son sixteen months ago. This is the longest I have gone EVER with out being sick.

I love the combination of design and function for the product CHEWBEADS. The CEO Lisa, hit the nail right on the head with this product. This teething accessory is non toxic, and dishwater safe. I have worn my Chewbeads necklaces to many events with my little one, and often get stopped and complimented on them before anyone ever even knows its a teething aid.


Photo Gift Ideas


Great Holiday Gift Idea

This is a great inexpensive way to get creative while gifting photos.
This calendar (shown above) was made using Snapfish (
I selected photos of my son for every month of the year for my parents as a christmas gift.
You could do an all pet calendar, or a friend calendar, etc.  The possibilities are endless. This gift is just a fun novelty item that you can customize and make your own.
Always google coupon codes for snappish first.  I always find deals for a percentage off or free shipping!

Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume

Without further delay, here are the photos we took of our little one on Halloween. This costume was a splurge, but worth every penny. My Husband loves Where The Wild Things Are, and before our son was even born he began collecting the entire line of skateboard decks designed by Girl Skateboard Company. We also own the book, clothing, the movie, and the soundtrack. Need I say more? This was hands down a must!!

Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume  -Pottery Barn Kids


Favorite Online Shopping For Moms, Babies, and Kids

Blue 'Blogged Life' Tee - Toddler & Boys

One of my favorite online sites happens to be  Zulily carries tons of sale products for moms, babies, and kids. Before having my son, I really didn’t do too much online shopping, but i have to say, I have become mildly obsessed with this site over the last year. My phone is equipped with the zulily app, and I check it regularly.   Ok, so let me give you the rundown.   Everyday there are different deals.  Each deal only runs for a maximum of three days.  Once you make your first purchase on any given day, and pay shipping, you can continue to shop until midnight and receive free shipping on all additional orders placed that same day.   I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved shopping for my baby on this site.  One warning though, they do not allow returns, so i usually only buy for him, not so much for myself, because i am not one of those lucky girls that can order clothes online . . . I have to try everything on.  I love Zulily because I am able to purchase quality clothing for a fraction of the retail cost. This makes shopping for hip, high end clothing, achievable on a budget.  I just purchased this shirt (above) by RaR  boys yesterday for less than 50% off the original price. I couldn’t resist, and how stinkin’ appropriate?  Some of my favorite brands often show up on this site, such as: SCKC, Kate Quinn Organics, Zutano, and more. If anyone else out there falls into the Zulily obsession, let me know, i would love to hear that I’m not the only one. Happy shopping!

Large Scale Photo For Nursery

After having my son, my husband and i finished putting the finishing touches on his nursery. We were very pleased at how well it came together. The room was done on a budget, using just a little paint, some ikea lighting and fixtures, a hand-me-down crib revamped with great DWELL studio sheets, decals from an artist on etsy, an old dresser repainted in a bright bold color, and some really cute 3-Sprout storage bins. The inspiration for this room came from watching an episode of my favorite show “Home by Novogratz” on HGTV.  If you have never watched it, I highly recommend it. I absolutely love Robert and Courtney Novogratz. They are a husband and wife design team, parents to seven kids, and quite the inspiration. They always pair new with old (which is right up my alley), and use artwork or photography as a focal piece in every room they design. One of the episodes i watched featured a room they redesigned for a set of triplets. In this room they used one large black and white photo of the triplet kiddos as wallpaper. I immediately fell in love with that idea. Although large scale printing on this level was not cost effective for us at this time, I began to think of ways to incorporate my own version of a large scale photo of our baby as a focal point of the room (and i knew just the person to help.) Over the summer, a wonderfull photographer named Bill Cardoni ( came to my home to shoot some candid photos of my son.  Bill was the photographer for my wedding and a friend that i had met through work. I wanted to use one of his fantastic high resolution images to complete the final missing piece to the nursery. I converted the image to black and white, resized and compressed it, and had it printed to fit the biggest frame i could get my hands on. This monster frame by the way, was purchased at ikea. I love the way the photo has an impact on me every time i go into the room. Not only do i smile whenever i look at it, but my little guy points to it every night just as i am putting him to sleep and its incredibly sweet. 
I love the way this turned out.  So get ready . . . I think I see big photos in another future project.



Banana Ramma -Making Foods Fun For Your Baby


As I started introducing foods to my son, I quickly noticed how much he LOVES to eat. One of his favorite baby foods is mashed avocado and banana. I was thrilled that he loved avocado because it has many health benefits, such as potassium, fiber, and vitamin D, to name a few.  As he got a little older, and finger foods began to take over, replacing the creative puree concoctions I had previously been whipping up, I noticed that some of his once favorite foods had to be introduced to him now in a new way. I have often heard parents say that their child is “a picky eater.”  I believe that may be true in many cases, but I also think that parents should consider introducing those foods in a different way. I have found that when my son no longer wanted plain banana, after repeated attempts, I decided to try something new. I chopped up some banana a sprinkled cinnamon onto it (this works well with applesauce too). Cinnamon is also great for little ones. Cinnamon has been found to fight colds, aids in digestion, and has been found to work as a antibacterial as well as a anti-microbial. Not only has my little guy begun to devour bananas again, but I feel great about giving him a new option.