Back In Style And Cuter Then Ever ..Friendship Bracelets!!!!

One of my favorite accessories this Fall would have to be my “Gemmabelle” bracelets. These bracelets come in all different styles, and have such a comfortable fit. Wear several of them together, for a layer look that is all the trend in fashion right now. Coincidently, Gemmabelle bracelets also happen to be made by one of my best friends, Diana Newman. Diana and I met when we were seventeen while working at one of my first (but not my last) retail jobs. Since that time, Diana has gone on to become an amazing corporate retail manager working for companies such as JCrew, Louis Vuitton, and David Yurman. With seventeen plus years of retail experience behind her, Diana moved on to her next great project . . . Gemma Isabelle Newman, her beautiful baby girl . . . and she hasn’t looked back since. Diana now plays the role of full-time mother to this little “Gem” (no pun intended), as well as business woman, through her jewelry line Gemmabelle. These “friendship” bracelets are all made by hand by Diana in Etters, PA. Diana is a mom by day and crafter by night! You can check out some of her current bracelets on Etsy, the website for all things handmade:

Free Shipping On All Pink Bracelets In Honor Of October/Breast Cancer Awareness Month (see offer details below)