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Banana Ramma -Making Foods Fun For Your Baby

  As I started introducing foods to my son, I quickly noticed how much he LOVES to eat. One of his favorite baby foods is mashed avocado and banana. I was thrilled that he loved avocado because it has many health benefits, such as potassium, fiber, and vitamin D, to name a few.  As he got a little older, and finger foods began to take over, replacing the […]

Fall (Mini Living Room Makeover)

I recently purchased a new leather like couch (which I love ). Having two dogs, a cat, and a baby, it makes clean up a cinch. However, with the Fall season approaching, I really wanted to warm up the look and feel of the living room without going too crazy expense-wise.  For anyone that knows me, you know I am NOT matchy matchy. I have a very […]

Finding My Own Creative Space

As a new mom, I found myself struggling to balance it all . . . wife, mother, and career. I just kept thinking that I had to “find a balance” to make all of this work and to still remain me.  So the journey has begun.  With a year of motherhood under my belt, and a schedule as crazy as ever, I am ready to begin pursuing […]