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Fall Wedding Styled In Traditional Indian Fashion

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to my dear friend Brandi’s wedding. This wedding was unique from any ceremony I had been to before. The wedding was a traditional Indian ceremony that took place at the Akbar Resturaunt in Garden City, NY. The menu, design, and ambiance of the venue were inspired by the original Akbar Restaurant which opened in Manhattan, in […]

Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume

Without further delay, here are the photos we took of our little one on Halloween. This costume was a splurge, but worth every penny. My Husband loves Where The Wild Things Are, and before our son was even born he began collecting the entire line of skateboard decks designed by Girl Skateboard Company. We also […]

Getting Creative With Leftovers

I am not great with recipes, but I do love to stir it up in the kitchen from time to time.  I consider myself a creative cook because I generally cook by taste and I love to make up my own concoctions.  I always try to make sure that I’m not wasting any food, however, I find myself getting bored with leftovers.  Last night I […]

This Weeks Inspiration

Recently, after going through a slight bump in the road in a part of my everyday life, it became apparent to me more then ever that I really need to focus on this concept I keep coming back to . . . “balance.”  For me, finding balance is something that takes constant work. The stress of the daily grind seems overwhelming at times, and I […]

Favorite Online Shopping For Moms, Babies, and Kids

One of my favorite online sites happens to be Zulily.com.  Zulily carries tons of sale products for moms, babies, and kids. Before having my son, I really didn’t do too much online shopping, but i have to say, I have become mildly obsessed with this site over the last year. My phone is equipped with the zulily app, and I check […]

Large Scale Photo For Nursery

After having my son, my husband and i finished putting the finishing touches on his nursery. We were very pleased at how well it came together. The room was done on a budget, using just a little paint, some ikea lighting and fixtures, a hand-me-down crib revamped with great DWELL studio sheets, decals from an artist on etsy, an […]

Halloween Centerpiece

This centerpiece was a cinch. I started with a large round wood serving tray (square would work well too), a large glass gallon wine jug, dead branches that fell in my yard, several glass votive holders, one sprig of Halloween garland (purchased at AC Moore), and last but not least, my favorite item in this arrangement, the […]

Using Jewelry For More Than Just A Personal Accessory

While planning my son’s vintage carnival themed first birthday party, I tried to use a lot of recycled materials instead of buying new decorations.  Not only was this cost effective and good for the environment, but it also coincided with the “vintage” theme I had chosen.  I used vintage fabrics that my Nana had given to me, vases I already […]

Back In Style And Cuter Then Ever ..Friendship Bracelets!!!!

One of my favorite accessories this Fall would have to be my “Gemmabelle” bracelets. These bracelets come in all different styles, and have such a comfortable fit. Wear several of them together, for a layer look that is all the trend in fashion right now. Coincidently, Gemmabelle bracelets also happen to be made by one of my best friends, Diana Newman. Diana […]