My name is Jacqueline. I am a dreamer, a designer, a lover of all things creative, a business woman, a wife, and most importantly a mother. I, like many other parents, found myself struggling to balance it all . . . to make all of this work. After giving birth to my second little one I was unexpectedly let go while on maternity leave. YES THATS RIGHT, very scary and stressful. What happened next was terrifying, and yet, liberating at the same time. I was forced to dig deep into myself and search for what would truly make me happy. What would truly be the best fit for myself and my family? I felt that after three and a half years of motherhood under my belt, I might just be able to conquer anything. In my previous work lifetime I had close to twenty years of sales experience, a background in communication design and was a working as a creative assistant for a company, doing ads, marketing, visual display, events, buying . . . the list goes on. Although that might have sounded great, and I learned a lot, I needed an outlet for everything else creative that was constantly reeling in my brain, followed by the little voice that was telling me to “do something about it!” It became overly apparent that now was time to spread my wings and continue developing the brand that I began on my own several years prior, “Love and Foster.” The idea for the name “Love and Foster,” means to love life and foster creativity. I have taken a huge leap of faith and decided that this is exactly what I will set out to do. Sometimes in life things happen suddenly, but when the dust settles you realize you are right where you need to be. Friends, family, and strangers, thank you for all of the amazing love, support and business.

Head Creative Dreamer

Love and Foster