Large Scale Photo For Nursery

After having my son, my husband and i finished putting the finishing touches on his nursery. We were very pleased at how well it came together. The room was done on a budget, using just a little paint, some ikea lighting and fixtures, a hand-me-down crib revamped with great DWELL studio sheets, decals from an artist on etsy, an old dresser repainted in a bright bold color, and some really cute 3-Sprout storage bins. The inspiration for this room came from watching an episode of my favorite show “Home by Novogratz” on HGTV.  If you have never watched it, I highly recommend it. I absolutely love Robert and Courtney Novogratz. They are a husband and wife design team, parents to seven kids, and quite the inspiration. They always pair new with old (which is right up my alley), and use artwork or photography as a focal piece in every room they design. One of the episodes i watched featured a room they redesigned for a set of triplets. In this room they used one large black and white photo of the triplet kiddos as wallpaper. I immediately fell in love with that idea. Although large scale printing on this level was not cost effective for us at this time, I began to think of ways to incorporate my own version of a large scale photo of our baby as a focal point of the room (and i knew just the person to help.) Over the summer, a wonderfull photographer named Bill Cardoni ( came to my home to shoot some candid photos of my son.  Bill was the photographer for my wedding and a friend that i had met through work. I wanted to use one of his fantastic high resolution images to complete the final missing piece to the nursery. I converted the image to black and white, resized and compressed it, and had it printed to fit the biggest frame i could get my hands on. This monster frame by the way, was purchased at ikea. I love the way the photo has an impact on me every time i go into the room. Not only do i smile whenever i look at it, but my little guy points to it every night just as i am putting him to sleep and its incredibly sweet. 
I love the way this turned out.  So get ready . . . I think I see big photos in another future project.