Using Jewelry For More Than Just A Personal Accessory

While planning my son’s vintage carnival themed first birthday party, I tried to use a lot of recycled materials instead of buying new decorations.  Not only was this cost effective and good for the environment, but it also coincided with the “vintage” theme I had chosen.  I used vintage fabrics that my Nana had given to me, vases I already owned, and some old props purchased very inexpensively from a local flea market.  As the planning and decorating continued, I went on to make my own paper carnival banners, borrowed carnival lights from a friend, and created my own graphics for posters and signs (my husband helped spray mount them to foam board because that is not my area of expertise).  Even though everything was starting to look great, I still wanted to dress up the vases but also wanted to stay under budget and keep the vintage theme going. Then, what I like to call a “happy accident” occurred.  While brainstorming for ideas to dress up these items, I walked into my bedroom and happened to look at my jewelry stand, filled to the max with all kinds of costume jewelry.  I loved the colors of some of the beads that i had hanging so I started pulling out every strand of beads i had.  Some were new, and some where old hand-me-downs from my grandmother, nana, and great aunt.  I draped them over the vases and was really happy with the outcome.  Not only were they a perfect accent for my carnival theme, but I will definitely be using this idea for future centerpieces.