Banana Ramma -Making Foods Fun For Your Baby


As I started introducing foods to my son, I quickly noticed how much he LOVES to eat. One of his favorite baby foods is mashed avocado and banana. I was thrilled that he loved avocado because it has many health benefits, such as potassium, fiber, and vitamin D, to name a few.  As he got a little older, and finger foods began to take over, replacing the creative puree concoctions I had previously been whipping up, I noticed that some of his once favorite foods had to be introduced to him now in a new way. I have often heard parents say that their child is “a picky eater.”  I believe that may be true in many cases, but I also think that parents should consider introducing those foods in a different way. I have found that when my son no longer wanted plain banana, after repeated attempts, I decided to try something new. I chopped up some banana a sprinkled cinnamon onto it (this works well with applesauce too). Cinnamon is also great for little ones. Cinnamon has been found to fight colds, aids in digestion, and has been found to work as a antibacterial as well as a anti-microbial. Not only has my little guy begun to devour bananas again, but I feel great about giving him a new option.